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S0, Who Are We?

Clint and Simone Ashton have always been passionate about health and fitness. As teenagers, they were both involved with sports and fitness on many levels. Clint was a gifted athlete and Rugby League player and Simone was a champion gymnast and avid netball player.

Clint and Simone's journey as health and fitness professionals began when they started their first business - Absolute Health and Fitness - Personal Training Townsville 10 Years ago.

From humble beginnings in a very small studio gym in Townsville, Absolute Health and Fitness quickly grew and became the most sought after company for women who were wanting to lose weight, and improve their health and fitness in a realistic, lifelong, lifestyle way.

Clint and Simone worked with hundreds of women in their local area and changed hundreds of lives in the process.

What started as a small 1 on 1 training program quickly grew to the busiest and best local women's weight loss program in the region. As popularity grew, they implemented small group classes so more women could benefit from their services. In this time, they helped countless women who were struggling with their weight loss goals, to finally get the results they had always wanted..

In 2014, Clint and Simone branched into online weight loss programs which they created based on their combined years of experience and knowledge in helping women to overcome their problems and create lifelong lifestyle change that leads to weight loss success.

AHF Online was born.

Their vision was always to be able to help thousands if not millions of women from around the world to lose weight and change their lives, so the online weight loss programs were a perfect way for them to be able to provide that service to the ladies who really needed it the most.

Based on their combined years of helping women to get the best results possible in a realistic and healthy way, Clint and Simone were able to put this knowledge into an online program in order to help even more women to reach their weight loss goals.

Their "Lifestyle Makeover" is now the best Online Women's Weight Loss Program in the world. It's not just another weight loss program, this is a program that delves right into the problems that cause you to be in the position that you are in. Clint and Simone work 1 on 1 with you to help you overcome problems so longterm weight loss becomes a walk in the park...as it should be.

Clint and Simone's approach is simple, yet very, very effective. They inspire you to be the best version of YOU so that you can live a happier, healthier and more confident life.

In everything they do, they always strive to give the best service, results and understanding to their members. Together with over 25+ year experience combined, Clint and Simone are with you all the way to help you transform your body and your life to everything you desire.

Clint and Simone are extremely approachable and if you would like to book a FREE 1 on 1 discovery session you can do so via the link below.

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About The Founders

Clint Ashton - Founder, CEO, Coach, Author, Speaker & Personal Trainer

Clint Ashton is the CEO and Founder of Absolute Health and Fitness and deemed Australia's #1 Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Coach for women. Starting out helping just a few women in a small studio gym he expanded AHF to the online world and has now helped thousands of women to escape the dieting cycle and (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

Simone Ashton - Co-Founder, Coach & Nutritionist

When you first make contact with us, you'll speak to Simone. We know you don't have time to be talking to a gatekeeper and want your information quickly, so that's why you'll always speak to Simone first...(CLICK HERE TO READ MORE)

A Snippet of Our Journey So Far

Come with us...

When you have the whole gym to yourself at midnight, you mess around!

Us on our very special day... <3

Us with our very special friends who live at the Vietnames Orphanage in Da Nang, Vietnam.

AHF team members, Eli + Indi. You may even be lucky enough to hear them "helping out" in the background when we call you 😂

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