Chicken and Broccoli for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner…


7 days per week.


Sound Familiar?


This is what a local supplement shop gave out to someone I recently spoke to as a weight loss meal/food plan..



photo (2)

Firstly…How boring!


It’s no wonder so many people are doing such crazy, unrealistic, and downright stupid shit in order to shed the kilos (or pounds if you live in elsewhere)


And I blame a lot of the so called health professionals out there who spew out such garbage info aka “bro science”



photo (1)



This kind of stupidity will only result in failure one way or another because..


1. This is such a bland, and boring way to eat. No one can eat like this full time. And you simply do not need to do anything so extreme in order to lose weight.


Forget this…


photo (3)


…eat more like this!



photo (4)


I know what I would rather eat…


2. Chicken and broccoli type meal plans are very unrealistic to follow for a day, let alone the rest of your life. And even if you lost weight while eating like this, there will come a time when you quit and go back to old habits as no one can eat like this long term..


3. There’s no variety, which limits the amount of vitamins minerals and nutrients you can consume and absorb. You need a full range of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, proteins and complex carbs to lose weight, and maintain weight loss.



So with complex Carbohydrates following are BEST and should be consumed using the recommend portion control sizes specific to your body, just like we teach out clients 🙂

– Oats
– Brown Rice
– Quinoa
– Sweet Potato

Just to name a few of the most popular ones…


And what’s with eating just broccoli?


It’s as if these people think that other veggies must be bad?


I can never understand the thought process behind these kind of eating plans…



photo (7)



4. There’s no direct carb source. Yes the broccoli will have a little bit of carbs, but you won’t be able to eat enough broccoli each day in order to be getting the amount of carbs you need for your energy requirements and basic bodily functions.


5. It’s a diet/meal plan. What I hate about meal plans and diets is that people usually lose weight following them, but there comes a time when chicken and broc gets a bit old, and then the inevitable happens.

People quit and go back to old ways of eating, still not knowing how to lose weight in a healthy, realistic and maintainable way as all they know is extremes (like chicken and brocolli 24/7) and diets.

People don’t learn how to eat properly whilst just following a boring and bland meal plan.



photo (6)




6. Food should be enjoyable!

I can’t think of too many things that are better than food! Yet these kind of plans must give people the impression that 99% of food is bad to those who get sucked into following these things.

No wonder so many people have issues with food and such bad relationships with food when this is what they are taught to follow…

Food is your friend, not your enemy!







When wanting to lose weight, you need to understand that balance, flexibility and a realistic long term approach are paramount to your success!


Eating chicken and broccoli all day will leave you feeling deprived, and you will not enjoy it one bit.


If you don’t enjoy the way you eat, you will never really be successful..


So you really need to find enjoyment with your eating, this will set you up for long term successful weight management..



Weight loss is not about extremes!


Weight loss is not about deprivation!


It’s about balance!


Weight is gained when balance is lost, weight is lost when balance is gained and maintained..

Above all, be careful who you get your info and advice from 🙂


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Thanks for reading, I hope you found this useful.






Did you find is useful?


Then please let us know by commenting below!


Feel free to keep the conversation going by telling us about any crazy unrealistic and downright stupid meal plans that you have come across..





Talk soon...


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