The One Simple Trick That Can Bring You Peace, Happiness & Contentment

– By Clint Ashton

Recently I was working on a few issues with one of my clients, Tracey*.

Tracey was experiencing high levels of anxiety, depression, frustration and a general overall feeling of not being good enough.

In today’s video I show you how Tracey regained control of her life and how doing this simple trick can literally bring you more peace, happiness and joy.

And when this happens ^^^^^ reaching your weight loss/health/fitness goals become so much easier to achieve.

Find out more by pressing play on the video below.

*Names have been changed to protect our clients privacy.


Clint Ashton
Clint Ashton

Clint Ashton is a Founder, CEO, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer of Absolute Health & Fitness. He is passionate about helping women to escape the dieting trap so that they can be happy, healthy, energetic and confident. Clint is a devoted dad to his twins Eli & Indi and shares his passion for nutrition, training, coaching, family, travel, food, experiences and culture with his wife, Simone. Together they have helped thousands of women to let go of the obsession with numbers and stepping on the scale so they can finally live a life of balance. Clint is now also a respected published author. Clint also enjoys a good bowl of flavoursome broth and relaxing with a can of rum 😉😉

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