The ONLY Thing To Give Up


Most people think that in order to lose weight and maintain it, they need to give up certain foods and drinks like –

  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol ect.
This couldn’t be further from the truth…
The only thing you should give up, is this (and it’s got NOTHING to do with food/drink)
Once you give this up, moving forward and staying where you want to be comes NATURALLY!
Find out more by watching this video below.

The only thing you should ever give up…and it’s got nothing to do with food 😉

Posted by Absolute Health & Fitness on Sunday, 13 January 2019



Clint Ashton
Clint Ashton

Clint Ashton is a Founder, CEO, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer of Absolute Health & Fitness. He is passionate about helping women to escape the dieting trap so that they can be happy, healthy, energetic and confident. Clint is a devoted dad to his twins Eli & Indi and shares his passion for nutrition, training, coaching, family, travel, food, experiences and culture with his wife, Simone. Together they have helped thousands of women to let go of the obsession with numbers and stepping on the scale so they can finally live a life of balance. Clint is now also a respected published author. Clint also enjoys a good bowl of flavoursome broth and relaxing with a can of rum 😉😉

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