AHF 12 Week Lifestyle Makeover is a real game changer for women wanting to lose weight, fit into a smaller dress size or just wanting to feel healthier & fitter. I gained the tools to see me reach my short term goals but also the tools to assist me way beyond the 12 weeks. If you’re thinking about trying this program don’t hesitate to have Clint or Sim give you a call to explain in more detail, you won’t be sorry.

Alison Bovey Alison Bovey

End of Week 12  and another 1/2 kg gone last week! Yay! I've lost a total of 7.4kg in 3 months on this fantastic program! Thanks so much to the caring supportive group of lovely ladies sharing their journeys! I've loved seeing your photos, sharing your journeys and trying out your food ideas! Yum!! I'll see you all in the Graduate Group, as my time here ends this week, once I have my final call with Clint! I've loved EVERY week! Best wishes to you all! You are all winners because you took action!

Jeanine Haselton Jeanine Haselton

What an amazing 12 week ride I've been on. Three months ago, weighing in at a pretty hefty 79.3kg (not optimal for someone who is only 5 foot 2 inches on a "tall" day), I decided to make a lifestyle change. I signed up with the awesome coaches at Absolute Health & Fitness and I haven't looked back. I now weigh in at a respectable 56kg. This is a loss of 23.3kg, 68.5cm and went from a size 16-18 down to a size 10. Don't get me wrong, the weight loss is terrific, but what is better is the way I feel ... healthier, more energetic, and with a more positive outlook. I love this new and improved lifestyle. If you would like to change your life for the better, I highly recommend you contact Clint Ashton or Simone Ashton and have a chat to them about how they can help you. I guarantee you won't regret it 🙂

Karyn Day Karyn Day

What an awesome, team, great communications and programs that work. Would recommend to anyone who wants to get started on their weight loss journey the right way!

Leah Haar Leah Haar

I have now completed 12 weeks and I must say it has been truly awesome. I would like to thank Clint and Simone for everything they have taught me about a healthy lifestyle, from choices we make to what and how we can benefit the most. What I have learnt about my own body, mindset and so much more...I just really never thought a program could teach you so much about so many different aspects of life. I am super happy with my results as I have achieved my goal and I am now fitting in to my size 8-10 clothes comfortably. The support from Clint, Simone and the group has been truly amazing 😊😘 so thank you all. I will be sad to leave the group. From here I will only improve with my fitness and I feel confident to continue on my own. I would recommend this program to anyone. At 45 I honestly thought i had tried everything and was stuck, but now 12 weeks on, I have none of those feelings. 😊😊

Julie Maurer Julie Maurer

I feel absolutely amazing! The knowledge, advice and support from the coaches, Clint and Simone along with the ladies in the group is just above and beyond anything I've ever been apart of in my life! Thank you!

Stephanie Turnbull Stephanie Turnbull

This is quite a long story - but I really wanted to share with you all the absolute value I found with this program - Well done to all of you ladies who taken the leap, squashed fear and decided to embarked upon this journey 

Clint & Simone - thank you feels inadequate 

When I first came across the advertisement for Absolute Health & Fitness my life was in disarray. My husband had been diagnosed with Cancer and I had just stopped work to full-time care for him. At the time I wasn’t in any financial or emotional position to actually join the program and had let them know this in my message to them – but in true credit to their beautiful caring and kind hearts Simone gave me a call and we talked for a very long time. She gave me some strategies to keep myself together while caring for my husband. When caring for another who you love so much it is very easy to lose yourself. Simone helped me to understand in that simple phone call some simple strategies to help keep myself together. Her kindness was so overwhelming, I promised myself that when things improved I would definitely pursue joining the 12 Week Lifestyle Makeover program.

Thankfully, things did improve – not how we had wished, but an improvement non-the-less and I found I could put together what I needed to make sure my weight didn’t get so far out of control that my health would be in jeopardy and I would be at risk. It had been a space of 6 months since I first spoke to Simone, and in that time I had put on a further 5-6 kgs. Boy did I need help – I was so lost – I had some tools, but no-where near what I needed. Simone remembered me… amazing – never underestimate the kindness of others – and we set to.

I had for many years been on the roundabouts of shake diets – always a quick fix – and they always netted results – but only ever short-term. Any amount of weight I had lost, always returned with interest! – and always felt like I was missing out. Emotionally I found these diets always extremely stressful as I was always hungry and a night-mare to live with. There had to be a better way.

I have several health concerns:
*I have extremely well controlled Bi-Polar II Mood Affected Disorder and am on quite heavy-duty medication for this. These medications absolutely have their place, and I function very well thanks to them – but they do take a toll. My weight is a constant struggle and I really need to pay attention to how and what I eat or else I will stack-on like no one’s business.
* I also discovered throughout this lifestyle makeover that I had an underactive thyroid – this also made weight loss near impossible and effected my energy and fatigue levels to a point where I was so tired all the time, that I couldn’t even think of exercising.
* Then to round-off the trifecta I am menopausal. This to me was one of the largest factors for my weight. I WAS NOT AND AM NOT PREPARED TO JUST ACCEPT THAT THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE. Other female members of my family just say to “accept” that this is how it is going to be – we’re from big stock, and why bother fighting it? Well, why just accept it? No way, no how – there has to be another way.

I was constantly tired, no clothes fit any more, I was so stressed that I could barely see straight some days – I just knew there had to be another way… Then along came Absolute Health & Fitness and the 12WLM.

At the commencement of the program my weight did not want to shift. I was so frustrated!! Every other time I’d “dieted” (aka Shakes!) I had lost the weight – but bearing in mind – I never kept it off, and I always found myself back on the roundabout of self-loathing and being really unhappy.

Clint worked tirelessly with me – I was determined that I was going to make this work, and Clint and Simone where determined to help me get there. I had always believed you had to deny yourself and flog yourself at the gym to get results. Clint helped me to understand a lot more about stress levels and the effects they have on weight loss – Clint helped me understand its okay to take it easy on yourself – there will be days you just “can’t” and that’s okay – but understand that its just ‘days’ and not to make them your lifestyle.

One of my biggest take-homes from this amazing program, other than the meditation, relaxation and just generally being kinder to myself is the food preparation. My goodness, if there’s one thing that I could pass on to every other human I know it would be to make the food prep part of your everyday life. My life is very hectic – caring for someone with illness, running a household and trying to keep everyone around you together – you can just make poor choices. Having all my veggies prep’d in the fridge to just go and grab has made dinner time so much easier. I’m a big lover of fresh veggie juice – the ingredients being prep’d in the freezer to just grab & throw in the ninja with a bit of coconut water – priceless!! I now know that when things are going to hell around me – I can get good substantial nutrition through my veggie juice, already prep’d in the freezer, and this nutrition will help me make good decisions and keep on top of what is facing me.

The food preparation is one of the simplest things – but until someone told me about it and showed me how, it wasn’t even on my radar. Now, I don’t know how I lived without it. As a direct result of this I can say my general everything has improved – I’m eating better because the quick fixes are the healthy ones as they are there ready – and I’m not compromising nutrition for convenience!

I may not have reached my magic number of weight loss I had wanted to achieve – (this figure was based on previous shake diets where all that I lived on was the shakes, not real food – and I was miserable) but I now have the tools to just keep going with my lifestyle. This program really is what it professes to be – it is not a “DIET” – it is a “LIFESTYLE” – just a better one where you are mindful but not obsessed by what is going in your mouth, and mindful but not obsessed by what exercise you are or aren’t doing.

For any other women out there struggling with symptoms of menopause or other health conditions that are holding you back – I cannot recommend this program enough. My understanding of environment and myself is so far removed from where I began. My weight loss will continue – I’m not finished just yet – but I know now that I can do it with moderation in all areas of my life. My energy levels are better than they have ever been and my clarity of thought is better than it has been in a long time. Food choices, exercise, meditation, just being kinder to myself – all these have played a part. I am returning to work in a couple of months, and did not have any clothes to fit me – now I have a whole new wardrobe of all my old clothes that had ‘shrunk’ in the washing machine lol… but amazingly re-stretched when I paid attention to what I needed to!!!

Overall in total I lost 7.2kgs and 24cms - and this included Christmas where traditionally I put on weight!! Not bad going I'd say. I'm back in my size 12-14 clothes and heading comfortably back to my size 10s - I thought those days were gone!!!

The lessons learnt here cannot be unlearnt – My favourite saying is that you only get out what you put in, and if you are prepared to do your part, Clint and Simone certainly do their part and together you will become this awesome team that are striving only for your best.

So thank you, although it doesn't seem enough, you have completely changed my life, more than you know xoxo

Deb Riggs Deb Riggs

Clint and Simone are extremely encouraging, supportive and dedicated to their mission. For me finally learning how to finally lose weight the correct way was a surprisingly easy process! I never felt like I was on a "diet". This just became my lifestyle! I love it!

Caroline Tate Caroline Tate

Boy what a journey it has been! I've struggled with losing weight in the past and from that started to believe that weight loss and being healthy/fit was an impossible dream. Thanks to our awesome coaches (Clint Ashton and Simone Ashton), for putting this wonderful program together, I've finally changed that! Overall weight loss is ~10 kg and 24.5 cm. All home based! My two main goals were to lose 10 kg (tick) and to get down to a BMI of 20 to reduce the effects of PCOS and my risk of diabetes. BMI was 25 and it's now down to 20. My lifestyle has massively improved since day one of this program; especially confidence levels! I'm grateful I have met such wonderful and inspiring women through this program, it really has changed my life!

Alehandrea Manuel Alehandrea Manuel

If I could put down another gazillion stars then I would!!!! But I can't so I guess excellent will just have to do, though it feels like I am short changing both Clint and Simone with that review. Two people and a group of amazing women who I have never met...but we are the AHF "Family" and even when you leave to continue your journey the first place you go to express your proudness when another one of your goals has been smashed is the FB AHF page as I have just done. I have left the fold a little while ago but here is a snippet of what happened after the camera stopped clicking....Well today I took a pic of my outfit for Saturday, I must admit I felt pretty damn amazing! (now 67 kilos and 82 cm's) 😊 when I first bought it with my "before body" (71 kilos and 91cm's) I couldn't even zip it up without the "old struggle".. Today I got it on and off on my own (without breaking out in a sweat!!! 😂) I have also moved down another hole on my belt (yeaaaa) and my trousers that were once snug that left waist marks when I sat down...now have room for at least another 1/2 a person! Lol!" Thanks so much Clint and Simone for being such an amazing support and continuing long after the challenge to inspire us all! We Love You xxx

Laura Law Laura Law

I cannot recommend this program, page and the health coaches highly enough. I could only make up so many excuse as to why I couldn't lose weight or change my lifestyle, at the end of the day it all came back to me. I had to take action and take control of my life. I was unhappy, anxious, hated going out and uncomfortable with the person I had become. I had health issues creeping up on me, and it was a journey I did not want to go on especially after losing my Dad to ill health.

I was given this amazing opportunity to turn things around by Clint and Simone. Sometimes in life, things fall at our feet for a reason; they are 'just meant to be'. This was one of those moments. I have learn that diets are just fads, they work initially yes, but when you stop you just put the weight back on and you end up right back where you started in a short time. Why is that? Because we didn't learn how to change our life, we just followed a 'must do'. This program is not like that, this program is Education, it educates you on how we must eat correctly, how we can improve our thinking, how we can change our environment for the better and so much more.

This program that I have worked through, has shown me that I can do things, it was how I looked at myself and the world that has held me back. It is amazing that when you can get your thinking clear and see the positives in life and all you do then everything else becomes so much easier.

Clint and Simone have taught me how to be healthy, how I can eat right and still have my treats because we need those things in our life and it is okay to have them and that what makes this program so special. It isn't a diet, it is a change to our lifestyles for the better.
Thank you Clint and Simone for all you have given me. Thank you for the support and for believing in me, that I could do this. My life is revived for the better, new mindset, new environment changes, new healthy eating but most of all a new health and wellbeing for my future. I love the group you guys have created, always such a supportive bunch of ladies and such a great way to meet new people. I am so happy to have made some new life long friends. 7kg lost and 19.5cms gone  On a journey now that won't be turned back, this is my new life

You guys rock x

Rina Dolan Rina Dolan

My 12WLM had it's ups and downs with my health issues coupled with emotional stress but with the unwavering support of Clint and Simone I was able to achieve my goals. The biggest challenge for me was exercise. Last year I had disc replacement in my neck as I have degeneration of my spine. I was very limited to what exercises I could include but with Clint's guidance he gave me a plan that would still ensure I got to my goals. So he tailored a program to suit me and I had excellent results.  I focused on food prep, working on my mindset and emotional triggers and walking for exercise. Thanks so much for all the support, I now have so many good habits in place because of this program and my lifestyle is 100% better because of it! The best part is this is so easy to maintain for the rest of my life!

Danielle Levy Danielle Levy

I've lost 4.1kg and 23cm in just 4 weeks! I learnt a lot about nutrition and will be able to take away a lot from this program once it's done and work more on my long time goals. I would highly recommend AHF to anyone who is looking to lose weight and keep it off. AHF programs are very easy to follow and you always get great support! Clint and Simone are extremely quick with responding if u have any questions and I couldn't have done it without their support. Well done guys and thank you!

Emily Flakenmore Emily Flakenmore

I can't believe how much my body has changed, I'm so impressed! I lost 6kg and feel amazing 🙂 Thanks so much for all your support throughout my journey, I'm as happy as I've ever been.

Henriette Lategan Henriette Lategan

My name is Angela Pyatt and I trained with Absolute Health and Fitness for 5 months.

I approached Clint to help improve my health and fitness and to just generally feel better about myself. I wasn’t overweight but had very low self-esteem and was constantly tired day in day out. I was also extremely unhealthy eating only one or two meals a day. I rarely cooked meals and since implementing some changes with AHF's program I am now cooking nutritious meals everyday!

It was a lot to take in at first but but by making small, simple changes each week I have created a better lifestyle for myself. I would not have been able to do this without Clint’s constant encouragement and advice each week. As I wasn’t overweight I simply wanted to tone my body and get some muscle definition. After many gruelling weight sessions my strength has improved immensely, with me reaching one of my goals of being able to do an unassisted chin up which was very exciting.

Since starting with Clint & AHF I have lost over 2 kilograms, 2% body fat and 20 centimetres from my body. I regularly have friends and family commenting on my appearance saying how wonderful I am looking which is very rewarding. I would not have been able to achieve these results without the persistence of Clint each week. My lifestyle is much healthier now; I look forward to exercising and have a lot more energy throughout the day, which is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Thank you Clint for helping me make me a better me.The pictures on the left are before my first session and the photos on the right are 4 months later.


'I started training with Clint, & following the Absolute Health & Fitness Clean Eating Guide immediately. Prior to this I was a cardio bunny only, doing high aerobic exercise approx. 6 times a week, but avoided weights due to a shoulder injury & generally not enjoying it.
My partner had recently lost weight & I felt we could both benefit from some advice on diet & training. Also, my Dr had recommended to stop cardio in the hopes of falling pregnant. We noticed results immediately! Being a size 8-10, I was not expecting to change much. My first measurement at 3 weeks I had lost 8cm from my waist & 4.5cm from my hips!
The Clean Eating is definitely the key. I noticed much less bloating, more energy, clearer skin, & generally felt healthier. And never hungry!
I do 3 x 30min weight training sessions a week & in between light cardio only. A big change to 12mths ago when I was sweating it out for a few hours each day to see not much results.
As a bonus I have finally fallen pregnant, & believe changing my training & clean eating has played a huge role in getting my body on track to achieve this. I recommend Absolute Health & Fitness to everyone, & will definitely be back to whip my baby-body back in shape!'

Sammy Lost 8kg in 12 Weeks!

Sammy had lost all hope of reaching her goals...

Like most mothers Sammy was finding it hard to find balance around being a mum and also reaching her goals...

Sammy had spent hours and hours on treadmills in the past and frustratingly seen no results for the time, money and effort...

We discussed Sammy's long and short term goals, and we created a 'Back to Pre Pregnancy' strategy plan for her on the Yummy Mummies Program...

Sammy committed to 1 x 30 minute session per week and done an extra 2-3 half hour sessions in the gym per week on her own.

Yes you can get great results with as little as 1 session per week (of course you need to work hard outside of that)

The results were instant for Sammy.

We worked on strength training, and made some tweaks to her nutrition and the changes payed huge dividends!

Sammy now finds a great balance between being a mother and finding time for her health and fitness goals!

Sammy says she feels healthier than ever and loves coming to the gym!

In total Sammy has now lost 6.5 kg, 32 centimetres, and 6% body fat !

Sammy is now just 1.5 kg away from her goal weight and we are now preparing her for her airforce entry fitness tests.

Great work Sammy, the commitment and dedication that you show to your training and nutrition has been great to see 🙂


Penelope lost a massive 50cm overall!


I have lost a total of 50cm (this includes my bust at 5cm) and 7kg!

I know right!? 🙂

My food and water is going great and I've managed to now incorporate breakfast into my eating, which is a big WIN for me!

- Sherrie

Thanks so much Sherrie! You've done amazing and we're very proud of you! 


Like a lot of women, Andrea was struggling to lose weight and had tried a lot of different diets over the years that had failed her

None of them had worked well as they were not an ideal and realistic long term approach

Being a mum, and a business owner, Andrea has a very hectic lifestyle and is always on the go so she finds it very hard to commit to huge amounts of exercise and unrealistic diets ( like 99% of the programs on the market )

So we sat down and set some long term and short term goals with Andrea to give her some clarity and direction.

We focused on small, easy and maintainable steps to improving her nutrition, and created a plan that would be suitable for her very busy lifestyle.

We also created a realistic long term approach to exercise that only required a total of 4 x 30 minute training sessions per week!

In the process Andrea has been able to achieve all of her goals so far, and is just 6kg from her long term goal!

How exciting!

Andrea has now lost a total of 14 kg, 56 centimeters and 8 % body fat plus made big improvements to her health, strength and fitness!

Well done Andrea!


It's amazing what 12 weeks can do to your body!

We are so proud to see our valued members getting such life changing results and being rewarded for their hard work, dedication and commitment to their health and fitness goals

Sara has lost a total of 50 centimeters!

And as you can see, huge reductions around the waist area!

But more importantly...

Sara now has the confidence to wear her favourite clothes again and is fitting into clothes that she had not worn in years.

Sara has established a mindset that will allow her to continue to live a healthy lifestyle, for life!

Sara has also created lifelong healthy habits with exercise and nutrition that are easy to maintain for life!

Sara is now feeling healthier, happier and has more energy than before!

Sara enjoyed the process and enjoys a great 80/20 lifestyle balance that allows her to still enjoy her favorite treats and have a few drinks on the weekend if she likes..

This is the kind of results you can expect on the 12 Week Lifestyle Makeover!

Well done Sara!

The Team at AHF are all very proud of your hard work and dedication toward your goals!


This is Ashleigh's amazing stroy...

Ashleigh was really lacking the energy, time and motivation to work toward her weight loss and fitness goals....

Ashleigh desperately wanted to make changes to her lifestyle, plus tone up, and lose some weight but simply didn't know what to do, or where to start and was feeling confused, overwhelmed and frustrated like so many other women who are in the same or similar situation.

Ashleigh knew that she needed to make changes to her lifestyle because she was at a high risk of getting high blood pressure and even diabetes.

Ashleigh began the Barbell Babes program with us and immediately got great results!

Ashleigh then transitioned to our 12 Week Lifestyle Makeover and here she is now. Happier and healthier than ever!

Almost 11 months later and we are very proud to say Ashleigh has now lost 25kg and is just 3 kilo from her goal weight!

Ashleigh also increased her fitness, strength, health, energy levels and confidence and is now able to wear her favourite jeans again.

Well done Ashleigh and Great effort, thanks for allowing us on this journey and your results are testament to your hard work, commitment and dedication!


Like a lot of busy mothers, Amanda was struggling to find time to exercise and was finding it very confusing and frustrating with knowing what to eat to reach her goals

Amanda had almost given up on her goals but we're grateful she took the opportunity to come and see us at AHF!

Everything changed from there!

Amanda met up with one of our coaches, Clint, and they discussed her long term goals in detail.

We then put a suitable action plan into place and began taking small daily action steps toward the attainment of her goal (get back to pre pregnancy body)

Amanda started doing 2 x 30 minute sessions with AHF weekly and we focused on strength, conditioning, postural correction and creating a healthier and maintainable eating habit that she could get to her goal with, but something that could also be maintained for life.

The results were instant for Amanda and in just 16 weeks she lost 15kg, 8 % body fat and 70 centimeters!!!

We did no calorie counting and no more than 2-3 hours of total training per week!

Well done Amanda, we're very proud of you!


Like most busy mothers Shauna was struggling to find balance between family, work, study, looking after 2 young children and her health and fitness.

Being a full time student, full time employee and mother of 2, Shauna was struggling to find time for herself and had gained weight during both pregnancies.

Shauna said she had never been that weight before and desperately wanted to improve her health and her families health plus lose weight.

Shauna started doing the Yummy Mummies Program with Clint doing 2 x 30 minutes sessions per week...

Through hard work, commitment, and determination, Shauna was able to lose 10 kg, 40 centimeters and 8% body fat!

Shauna also made huge improvements to her strength, fitness, posture and health!